Why can’t I find my academy?

In order to compete, athletes need to apply for an IBJJF membership under a registered academy and have one of the listed instructors sign their membership application.


Unfortunately, athletes are not allowed to register under professors or academies that are not registered at IBJJF.


We advise you to talk to your private instructor to discuss what academy you may be able to register under.

Why do I need to register my academy?

An academy must be registered in order for an athlete to register under the academy.


Registered academies help to:


  • Regulate membership by ensuring that athletes are properly credentialed.
  • Regulate professors who are responsible for approving membership requests.
  • Improve the quality of championships through team management.

What is an association?

An association unifies two or more academies under one organization, generally for competition purposes. By creating an association, academies can increase their presence at IBJJF championships, receive more points, and maximize their team’s standings. Associations do not belong to federations.

What is a team?

A “team” is a group designation that is registered under an academy. Generally, teams are relevant only for managing championship registrations. Athletes will request membership under an academy and register for championships under a team. Athletes often use “team,” “academy,” and “association” interchangeably, but they are different.

How long does it take to receive my Academy Certificate in the mail?

For USBJJF academies, please allow up to 20 days after its print date to receive it in the mail.


For IBJJF academies, please allow up to 45 days after its print date to receive it in the mail.


If you have not received your Academy Certificate and it has been longer than the allotted time we requested, please contact us below.

How do I change my academy’s address?

Academies are not required to renew their certificates unless they want to change information such as instructors, associations, or teams. Address changes do not require renewal unless you would like your new academy address to appear on the list of registered academies for the year. To update your address, please contact us.

Do I need to certify all of my academies if I own several?

Any academy that wishes to be available for students to choose during membership registration must obtain the Academy Certificate. Any academy that you do not certify will not be available for your students to choose.

Why should I renew my certificate? Is it necessary to stay active in the system?

If you do not have any information changing but would like your academy to appear on the list of registered academies for the year, you must renew. This allows anyone to search for your academy or for your academy to appear when athletes search for an academy in your area. It is not necessary to renew your academy to stay available in the system. As long as you have received the certificate, your students can continue to choose your academy in subsequent years without renewal.

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