What is IBJJF ranking?

Athletes receive ranking points when they place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in any division. Rankings are separated by age and belt division, as well as Gi and No-Gi. Ranking points do not transfer across age or belt rankings, and points earned in a Gi tournament are not counted towards the No-Gi rankings and vice-versa. The IBJJF ranking shows the athletes with their current total points in each specific ranking.

How does IBJJF ranking work?

Points are calculated based on the three most recent ranking seasons, with the current season carrying the most weight. Once the new season starts, points from the previous seasons drop down in weight. You can find more information on how points are calculated at https://ibjjf.com/athlete-ranking-info.

Can I transfer my points from a belt rank / age division / weight division to another?

Points do not transfer between belt rank or age division. Points earned in different weight categories of the same age and belt division are all counted for the total rankings, but do not transfer across weight divisions for the weight division rankings.

Why am I not ranked #1 if I won first place at the World Championship?

Tournaments carry different weights, with points earned in Worlds carrying the heaviest weight of 7. Points earned in Worlds are multiplied by 7 and are also multiplied by that season’s current weight, but does not necessarily mean you will have the most total points for all tournaments of that age and belt division.

Why can’t I find my old belts’ ranking?

Athletes will only appear in the rankings for their current belt rank. Once an athlete has been promoted and updates their membership to their new belt rank, they are no longer in the rankings for the previous belt rank, since they are no longer that belt rank.

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