How do I know if my uniform is competition legal?

You can view our uniform requirements on the website:

Which moves are legal at my belt rank?

You can view the available Rules books and videos on the website:

How do I become a referee?

To become a referee, you must first take a Rules Webinar / Seminar and score at least 85%. After successful completion, you can request to join the Referee Training Program (RTP) by contacting The RTP requires a separate test and 85% pass rate before beginning your internship.

The internship will begin with work as a gi-checker at a tournament and refereeing a few fights with an experienced referee’s assistance. After completion of a minimum of two internships, you will be an IBJJF referee.

What is the RTP Certificate?

The RTP is the Referee Training Program. It is a Rules meeting that occurs the day before a tournament.


What is the difference between the Rules Webinar and the Rules Seminar?

The Rules Seminar is an in-person rules course and the Rules Webinar is an online rules course conducted through the Zoom platform. 


Both generate the certificate for the diploma in the Black Belt, however to be approved in the Rules Seminar the athlete must have a score in the final test above 65% and in the Rules Webinar the athlete must have a score above 70%.


In addition, we inform that the Rules Seminar allows the athlete who completed the Seminar to request an internship in the IBJJF or CBJJ arbitration board, whereas the Rules Webinar does not allow the request for an internship in the arbitration board.

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