How do I choose my weight division?

You will be required to select a weight division once you start your registration. Please look at the weight chart linked on the event’s page and decide the best weight class for you. Weight divisions may vary between different events so be sure to check the weight chart on the specific event’s page.


The weights on the chart are for the highest allowed weight for that division, with the uniform on. It does not matter if you weigh in lower than the weight limit for that division. However, you will be disqualified if you weigh in heavier than the weight listed for the division you register in.

How do I choose my age division?

You will be required to select an age division once you start your registration. Look at the Belt & Age Divisions table available on the event’s page to check which division you fit into. Note that those divisions vary from one championship to another.


The age divisions are defined according to your birth year. Therefore, you must check the age division based on the year you were born, not the specific date.


Note that athletes in higher age divisions are eligible to register in lower age divisions. For example, if you are a Master 2, you can register either in the Master 1 or in the Adult division. However, if you are an Adult, you cannot register in the Masters divisions.


Kids and Juveniles can only register for the specific division related to their birth year. If they remain alone in their division on the Registration Checkday, they are allowed to move up one age division (Teen 3 athletes may not move up in age division), as long as their legal guardians request the change. However, Juveniles are not allowed to move into the Adult division.


Please note that you are allowed to register in only one division for the same championship and the ranking points are non-transferable.

What do I do if I am alone in my division?

You can find the options for single-brackets on the event’s page, under the “IMPORTANT INFO” section – “Athlete Alone in Division”.


If the athlete chooses to move divisions before the Checkday, be advised that registered competitors may edit their championship registration until the event’s Athlete Correction Deadline by logging on to


The dates of the “Athlete Correction Deadline” and of the Registration Checkday can be found on the event’s page, within the “Relevant Dates” section.


Please note that athletes are allowed to register in only one division for the same championship.


For more information, please access the link:

Are spectators allowed? Do they have to pay?

Yes, your family and friends can come watch you compete. Some events have a spectator entrance fee. Check the championship page you are registered for to find out if your guests must purchase tickets to get into the venue. If the championship has an entrance fee, note that registered minor athletes are allowed to enter with one companion for free.


*Please note: Due to the COVID pandemic, spectators may not be allowed.
Check the championship page you are registered for to find out the spectator guidelines.

Can I bring food inside the championship venue?

Depends, each venue has different rules regarding which items are allowed inside. Please refer to the venue’s FAQs to determine if you can bring in food.


Championships at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA will require bag checks prior to entrance and does not permit food.

What time does the door open on the day of the championship?

Doors typically open at 8:00am (event local time). Athletes cannot check in prior to doors opening.

What if I don’t have my IBJJF ID card?

Be advised that even without the physical membership card, it is possible to register and participate in Championships and Rules Seminars by presenting an original government issued photo ID.


If the athlete is a minor and does not have a photo ID yet, it is possible to present the Birth Certificate at our Customer Service or at the Main Table and they will print a temporary ID card at the tournament.

I lost something at the championship. Where can I find it? Do you have it?

If you have not heard from us regarding your lost item, please contact us to inquire if it was turned in to us.

Can I take photos and videos at the championship?

Yes, you may take photos at the championship from the designated areas for spectators but be advised that events taking place at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA will not permit any professional cameras into the venue without media credentials.


Please note that video recording and social media live streaming of fights will not be allowed at any time.


We require a media application for the following events: European, Pan Kids, PAN, Worlds, American National, World Master, World NoGi and Charity Day in Long Beach.


If you do not receive media credentials for championships taking place at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA, be advised that you will not be allowed to bring a professional camera into the venue.


For all Opens, we do not have a media application and you can request the press vest at the event main table, on the day of the event.


Press vests are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we cannot guarantee there will be a vest available for every photographer. A photo ID will be required and it will be held until you return the vest.


Please note that video recording and social media live streaming of fights will not be allowed at any time.


*Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, media applications are currently required and limited for ALL EVENTS. Please apply through the event page under “Media”.

What should I do if this is my first championship?

Please access the link:

How do I get my t-shirt / medal if I forgot to at the tournament? What if I lost my t-shirt / medal?

Unfortunately, IBJJF does not mail out unclaimed or lost t-shirts / medals after the championships. They must be picked up at the event.


Some championships will have an IBJJF store that may sell t-shirts from the previous championships. We cannot guarantee which styles or sizes are available.


How do I register for a championship?

Log into your account at and click on “Championships”. Any available championship with open registration will appear. Click on the event you are interested in and begin your registration.


Or, you may click “Register” directly on the event page to direct you to login.

Why can’t I register if my membership is active?

Please check that the championship you are registering for has your division available. For example, White Belt athletes cannot compete at the No-Gi championships. Please be sure you are viewing the correct event’s registration.


Additionally, athletes must have active membership throughout the event dates to be eligible to register. Please check your membership expiration date to ensure you are able to register. For example, if your membership expires in July but the event takes place in August, you are not permitted to register.


If the problem persists, please contact us for assistance.

Is there a waiting list if the championship reached capacity early?

If the registration reaches full capacity before the registration deadline, a waiting list will be available on the event page. Please register through the link on the event page to enter the waiting list. If the waiting list is not on the event page yet, it will be available shortly.

Can I sign up if I missed the registration deadline?

No, once the registration deadline has passed, we do not register additional athletes.

How do I register for the Open Class?

After your division has finished and the athletes have collected their medals, those wishing to register for the Open Class can sign up at the podium table immediately thereafter.


In some events, Black Belt athletes must register in advance.

How do I change my weight / age / belt division?

Registered athletes can edit their registration by logging into their account at by the Athlete Correction Deadline. If you have missed this deadline, you can ask your professor to contact us with the details of your registration that needs to be edited by the Professor Correction Period deadline. Please be sure the professor contacts us using their listed email address.


If you are updating your belt rank, you must first change your belt rank in your membership. Please log into your account and renew your membership at the new belt rank. This must be completed prior to the end of the Professor Correction Period in order to have your registration edited.


If you are having issues updating your membership, please contact us.


Can I cancel my registration and transfer my spot/funds to another athlete/championship?

No, championship registrations are non-transferable between athletes or between championships. However, if you need to cancel your registration and potentially be removed from the brackets, please contact us with your listed email address no later than the Athlete Correction Deadline listed on the event page.

Can I cancel and receive a refund of my championship registration?

Championship registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable after 48 hours from purchase. However, we will evaluate requests on a case by case basis. Please contact us using your registered email address if you need to cancel your registration by the Athlete Correction Deadline to potentially remove your name from the brackets.


What is the Athlete Correction Deadline?

The Athlete Correction Deadline is the first deadline after registration. Athletes must complete or request any edits to their registration (age, weight, or belt division changes) by this date, no later than 11:59 PM (event local time).


The Athlete Correction Deadline is the last day athletes can complete or request any edits to their registration (age, weight, or belt division changes). All requests must be made no later than 11:59 PM (event local time) through the athlete’s registered email address.

What is the Professor Correction Period?

The Professor Correction Period is the timeline available for your professor to make or request any changes to your registration on your behalf. They must contact us through their listed email address no later than 11:59 PM (event local time) on the last date listed in the Correction Period.

What is the Registration Checkday?

The Registration Checkday is the day you must check your championship registration. New correction requests will not be considered (only mistakes made by IBJJF staff are eligible for correction on the Registration Checkday).


If you previously requested any edits to your registration within the deadlines, you must check that the change was made correctly. The Checkday is the final date available to inform us if the change is incorrect. You must contact us no later than 5:00 PM (event local time) using your registered email address associated with your IBJJF account.


Additionally, all single-bracket athletes must contact us using their registered email address if they choose to move divisions or withdraw from the championship no later than 5:00 PM (event local time).


What day will I compete? Where is the Pre-Schedule / Schedule?

Athletes should be prepared to compete on the days indicated on the Pre-Schedule (if available) or event’s page, at any time of the day. Moreover, athletes are advised to complete their championship registration before securing any travel arrangements.


Once the schedule and brackets are available, there will be a link on the event page to view them. You can access the schedule to see the day your division will take place and the approximate time your division will start.


If the brackets are available, you will be able to search your name and find the approximate start time of your first fight.

What time should I be at the championship?

Athletes should arrive at least 2 hours before their scheduled fight time.
Competitors must be at the venue ready to compete, one hour prior to the start time for their division in the case the championship is running earlier than expected.

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