Why do I need an IBJJF membership?

An IBJJF membership is required to compete in all championships run by IBJJF. Additionally, athletes who want to ultimately certify their Black Belt will need active membership registrations to count towards their degrees.

Can I register more than one athlete under the same email address?

No, every IBJJF account must be registered under a unique email address. Each athlete must create their own account using different email addresses. 

What if I can’t find my professor or academy?

In order to compete, athletes need to apply for an IBJJF membership under a registered academy and have one of the listed instructors sign their membership application.


Unfortunately, athletes are not allowed to register under professors or academies that are not registered at IBJJF.


We advise you to talk to your private instructor to discuss what academy you may be able to register under.

How do I request membership for the first time?

If you have not created an account previously, please follow the instructions below:


To request the membership please follow the instructions below:


  • Access https://ibjjf.com/athletes/become-a-member
  • Choose “Are you a first time membership applicant?”
  • Enter requested information (Birth Date, Belt, and Country)
  • Create your athlete login and fill out your informatio.n
  • Open a new membership request and upload all required documents.


Please note the membership request will not be submitted for review until all of the required documents have been uploaded to the online request.

How long does membership approval take?

Membership approval can take up to five business days after all documents are received. Once you are approved and completed payment, your membership is immediately active and you can register for open championships and rules seminars.